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Introducing Payouts Direct

Instant, automated payouts directly
from your Bank Account

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Payouts API

More than just bank transfers

Send payouts to any UPI-BHIM ID, Paytm wallet or debit card. Verify bank accounts in real time.


Works on holidays

Payouts work 24x7. Money moves even when banks don't.

Mass Payouts

Simpler file uploads than banks

Move ahead of file upload errors. Bulk payouts are easy now.

Do mass payments using

View API docs

Explore everything you can do with the powerful API and how to get started.

Test your Payouts API integration

Use the Funds And Wealth sandbox to complete an end-to-end test of your integration, including positive and negative test scenarios.

Use Payouts to verify bank accounts

Use the Payouts API to pass account number and IFSC. Funds And Wealth confirms if the account exists and returns the name of the account holder at the bank.

Kits to make integration a breeze

Visit our Payout Github page to integrate in PHP, Python, Java, NodeJS, .NET, Ruby.


Get notified when a payout related event occurs.

Making single Payout transfers from dashboard

Add beneficiaries instantly and make a payment.

Making bulk transfers by uploading a file

Create a payout file and upload it using the Merchant dashboard