Loan Disbursal

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Loan Disbursal
Management Optimization

Funds And Wealth helps you automate loan disbursals and repayment collection. Our solutions fit perfectly in your loan management system. Benefit from advanced APIs and a range of integrations and offer an excellent user experience.

User/Borrower Onboarding - KYC

  • Bank account verification

  • UPI ID verification

  • Bulk verification via API

Loan Disbursal

  • Direct disbursals from loan management system

  • Direct disbursals from bank account

Payment Collection & Reconciliation

  • In-app, website or link-based payments

  • QR code or agent-based payments

  • Auto-debit via E-mandate

Collect Repayments and Deposits
Recurring Payments

Collect recurring payments via debit cards and Net Banking using NACH E-mandate

3 Simple Steps - Authentication and future payments

  • Create a loan type

  • Add user and share link via email/SMS/WhatsApp/in-app

  • User clicks on link > selects E Mandate > enters netbanking details /card details & authorizes future payments with a one-time penny transaction.

Collections & Reconciliation With Virtual Accounts

Accept direct payments via WhatsApp, Google Pay, Paytm using virtual accounts

  • Use APIs to create virtual UPI IDs and bank accounts

  • Instant reconciliation and same day settlement

  • Full visibility of remitter details

  • Support for custom branded UPI handles

In-app, Website or Other Active Payments

Let users login to your app or website and make payments. Integrate with Agent app to collect payments via agent device.

  • Wide range of checkout integrations with APIs & SDKs

  • Fastest settlement cycle

  • Higher success rate achieved with direct Integrations with MIGS, CyberSource, FSS and dynamic routing

  • PCI L1 compliant card vault and higher conversion rate with saved card

Next-generation payment gateway features.

  • QR codes fastest web checkout
    and offline collections

  • Fastest in-app and
    mobile checkout via UPI

  • Collections via WhatsApp, Paytm,
    Google Pay reconciled instantly

  • Instant refunds &

Reminder Payments

Remind customers about loan repayment and collect payments faster.

Link based payment gateway

Embed payment links in reminder SMSes, mails, or WhatsApp messages and collect the funds in the same channel as reminders.

[Recovery visits? Use our payment links to receive payments on the go]

Verify Accounts Before Onboarding And Pay

Verify bank accounts and UPI IDs while onboarding users or disbursing a loan

  • Check beneficiary’s bank account number validity and name of the account holder

  • Verify UPI VPA or ID

  • Simple API integration: Verify multiple beneficiaries in a single API call


Disburse loans instantly to consumers and businesses. Automate incentive payouts to agents.

  • Instant: Add beneficiaries instantly and send money 24x7 to any bank account, UPI ID, Paytm wallet and Amazon Pay in real-time.

  • Easy to integrate: Simple integration with REST APIs (faster and more responsive than the bank’s SOAP APIs) or upload a simple file.

  • Dashboard & Risk Management: Get real-time updates on payment status.


  • Higher uptime and
    success rate

  • Multi-level

  • Comprehensive
    transaction handling

  • Handles all
    bank relationships